Driving Cockpit

An XBOX, PlayStation, Wii and PC compatible racing game chair

Now the racing seat simulators provide the greatest experience available when racing your beloved car racing simulation games from GranTurismo5 Prologue to Forza 3. Seated in such a car game driving simulator in the right driving position is the most excellent setting for racing car drivers to examine all international runways before they drive on them, even for the devoted and ardent game driver seeking to experience the nearest thing imaginable to being in a WRC or Formula 1 car.
PC games are exceptionally attractive, so they deserved to be played with something more adequate than a miserable controller. Therefore, the OpenWheeler racing game seat permitted car racing game players to be absorbed with the entire driving experience. The OpenWheeler driving chair simulator was built for the genuinely eager racing lovers.

The perfect worth for your cash

The racing game simulators get-at-able on the market convey an immense assortment of features, but somehow the cost of the majority of the products isn't worth the workmanship. If you want the specifications of the perfect car driving cockpit simulator at a modest charge and have space for it - then nothing comes closer to the OpenWheeler driving cockpit. The price for OpenWheeler fluctuates from £200-£300 British Pounds ($300-$500 USD) and differentiates manifestly from the shocking 26,000 pounds (more than $42,000 US dollars!), the Vision Racer price range. Do not be so amazed with such a contrast. If you are a professionalist money isn't an issue and OpenWheeler will make your dreams a reality. By paying the inexpensive charge of £270 British Pounds, you will earn superior quality, durability and comfort.

Driving Cockpit

Compatible with all sorts of home driving game wheels, PC game controllers, car driving simulation games and adjustable pedal structures

The OpenWheeler video car simulator seat will accommodate all modern-day PlayStation2, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PC racing game wheels, and supports a full range of shelves, making it compatible with the Logitech GT, Logitech G25, G27, Logitech EX, Fanatec Porsche, Thrustmaster T500 game racing wheels and the official Xbox 360 Microsoft wireless home driving game wheel. Pedals are also held securely in place by adaptable stoppers rendering it suitable for all body proportions.

The OpenWheeler game driving simulator features

With Xbox racing seat you acquire the most lifelike racing adventure you can enjoy with your video game platform in your own house, garage or atelier. OpenWheeler offers flexible driving position support to suit kid and full-grown players of all dimensions and proportions. Altering posture is a matter of seconds, availing of 2 easy-twist knobs and the telescopic car driving game wheels and the official Xbox 360 Microsoft wireless navigation wheel system. The chassis is very firm, permitting even the largest drivers to cast themselves in the sharpest of bends. Nimbly mounted or folded away - it takes less than 30 seconds. It delivers top-notch build quality and it's an immense enjoyment for the whole family.

What's inside the package?

Each OpenWheeler is safely conveyed and will arrive in perfect condition every time. Each carton comprises everything you require:
1. An exceptionally functional and light OpenWheeler Xbox racing chair;
2. A solid, special finished, exceptionally reliable chassis;
3. Velcro tape for additional control below your video racing simulation game wheel and pedals;
4. A spanner and an Allen key for ultra fast and effortless assemblage;
5. Hardwood floor protector pads;